Monday, April 7, 2014

Who said I am Retiring?

GS Ramesh

        I am going to be in Layam till God permits and my vision is clear for next 10 years. Layam must touch its pinnacle, so that people should look at this Institution with Awe and naturally with burning eyes which I cannot avoid it. I always respect and admire my competitors and I always Pray my competitors should push me to achieve more and more. Well I am not trying to be arrogant and egoistic, but God and my Well wishers are with me and God has given me good health and appearance, that’s why people say I don’t look 60 but still I thank God for his blessings.

I must announce my son and daughter in law, after completing their engineering and management from France are undergoing apprenticeship programme under me and in due course of time, with a strong team and Advisory Board with leading Intellectuals and the who is who of the industry, this company is going to march forward.

Last week has been full of excitement and surprises. 1st April was very eventful day, because I was fortunate to remarry my better half, who has been the moral strength of my life. I would like to give full credit to my wife for tolerating and managing me so efficiently for the last 34 years. Hats off to her. I am very fortunate that I am blessed with my wife, son, daughter in law (daughter) and grandchild. I prayed to my Guru Sri Sai (Shirdi Sai) to continue to give me strength and happiness.

One thing I would like to share that whenever I go to temple I never asked from God anything except to make everyone happy (Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu) and guide me and forgive me if I have committed any sin or hurt anyone in life. This is the only Prayer I do everytime and I thank Almighty for guiding me till date.

Let me come back to the reaction of Ganesh. He started crying and he said till date nobody had ever bother to find out the reason behind his drinking habit. He began by telling me that his wife was more qualified than him. He was an ordinary worker in the mine whereas she was a post graduate. His wife was very friendly towards a neighbor who was also a postgraduate like her. Together, they used to ridicule Ganesh and insult him everyday. On hearing this, I asked ganesh to take me to the house of the teacher. The teacher who was oblivious of what was in store for him was relaxing at home with a cup of coffee in his hand. I pulled him out of the house and admonished him for his despicable behavior.

Being the Personnel Office, the school in that town was under my control. I enquired about the teacher and suspended him immediately. Next, I made Ganesh’s wife apologize to him.  From the very next day, Ganesh was a new person. He had kicked his drinking habit for good and was a very happy man. He continues to live a contended life to this very day with his wife, children and grand children.

I think Ganesh used to drink and shout abuses probably because it was his way of drawing people’s attention to him. Unfortunately, nobody pays heed to a drunken man’s banter nor bother to find out the reason for the same. Most of you may feel that my method of dealing with a situation like this may be bullish and daring. Nevertheless the end result has been satisfying. I tried to get close to a drunken man with the sole aim of reducing his misery to a little extent. Many people warned me against taking such a risk. Don’t you think without having taken a few risks our lives become meaningless? In this particular case, if I had not taken the risk, Ganesh’s life would probably remain worthless and faded into oblivion forever!

As HR Professional I felt that the secret of my success are :
1.       Be proactive to understand the reason of such behavior of the employee
2.       Be empathetic
3.       Be proactive to resolve the matter.

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