Monday, July 14, 2014


Sir, I am the best but you never agree to that …

Life has been very interesting, especially in my Professional career. You confront various individuals (Good Souls) & having very high ambition and always in a hurry to climb to the top. Due to this, the ‘performance’ word has always been an irritating factor for them and if you really ask about the sanctity of Performance Appraisal, you will hardly find very few individual accepting it. Generally employees have a tendency to look at the Boss as a speed breaker for their growth. Either they feel that the Boss is not right or the Boss is always wrong.

Recently someone asked me, as to how I manage to be successful in my career, both as a Professional and also as an Entrepreneur.  I told him a simple secret of my success. The secret is that, I always made it a point to help the Boss to get promoted, automatically the Boss pulls you up. How can it be done? This can be done only if you treat the Boss as a human being like you, who has to answer to his Boss. So if you are capable of providing good results to your Boss the chain automatically works. We have never taken the Boss as a right instrument in our growth. We have always kept him under the magnifying glass, looking for a reason to point out that our failure is only due to him and not by anybody else, because he never appreciates or understands us.

One of my subordinate Mr ‘X’ a good person (but apparently very ambitious) used to be always alert about my movement etc. and always made it a point to show his presence when I am somewhere, irrespective of the fact that his performance was average. At times when I did not respond to his Good Morning wish, he felt that I am unhappy and he used to get disturbed full day without realizing the fact that I have not responded may be due to some tension in my mind. Then for the full day he will be only making excuse to enter my room or do something to make me happy. I used to understand his emotions but did not want to hurt him. He also gave an impression to general mass that he is very close to me. But when I used to scold him for his non performance, he felt insulted because according to his perception he was doing his best, but I am not understanding. One day I called him and counseled him that for the Boss your performance is very important, because that will help the Boss to grow, but you are only focusing on Boss, obviously the Organization focus and your performance is getting bad and not up to the mark.

If we develop a sense of ownership to a place and the Company and understand the need, for which the Boss is demanding and keep the Company as a goal and not the Boss, the problem is solved. Majority of the people have spent their life time only to make their Boss happy, but not themselves or create a success story for the organization. If any subordinate is only busy or focuses on his Boss, then who will focus on the Company? 

When I do a job, I want to happy by my own performance that I have done the best, I never waited that someone should appreciate or praise me, and that kept me happy and get going. So make yourself happy by your own performance, so that your Boss has no choice, but to understand and accept you as the best.

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