Monday, May 5, 2014

Well I challenged my Senior

GS Ramesh

After joining we used to have regular review meetings on Saturdays wherein the big boss and other Seniors used to be present and we were the Junior most. While Saturday Review Meetings used to be tough for all, it was quite informative and educative. 

In one of the meetings, the Head of Personnel of one of the Coal Mines openly challenged that no one could manage his Mines, wherein more than 4000 employees were working and it is a difficult Mine. He challenged in the open meeting whether anyone could accept his challenge.

I was the Junior most full of zest and as usual I raised my hand and I told him, I accept the challenge. Everyone were shocked and laughed, but I said that “I meant it. I would like to take this challenge.” My big boss, I don’t know what he felt, after few days, suddenly he gave the charge of that Mine to me.

The day when I took charge, it was obviously very challenging and I used to come to office at 8.45 A.M., whereas office time was at 9.00 A.M. To my surprise, I found the office staff entering the office at 9.30 A.M., 9.45 A.M., 10.00 A.M.,  I called one senior most person who was about 55 years of age and asked him that why all the people were coming late. 

He stared at my face and then said in the past Mr. ‘A’ came and left, Mr. ‘B’ came and left, Mr. ‘C’ came and left, no one could touch us, you are too young to handle us. This reply came as a jolt, but immediately I responded to him stating that ‘A’ came ‘B’ came ‘C’ came & left, but now Ramesh has come & he will not leave and you might have to leave the company if you don’t fall into the discipline. He was shocked and looked at my face on hearing this reply, then I asked him to leave the room & go and sit in his seat.
After some time there was a big noise in the Office and I was told that all the staff had come out of the office and stood outside the gate shouting against me and told that I had insulted the Senior most person.

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