Sunday, December 3, 2017

Redefine your Relationship -Cherish or Perish


To my understanding the definition of relationship is how well you relate with each other. Commonness has to be there to cherish a relationship. If there is no common factor between the two, it will be very difficult to create a synergy. Hence, you have to evolve yourself to develop a common factor where in the role of adaptability or certain degree of understanding comes into picture.

Of late, the present generation suffers from a mental block of being independent or proclaiming that they know everything. Once you develop such a mental block of being independent and also the feeling of I am better than you, obviously the relationship quadrant goes for a perish instead of cherish. There are several other factors both external and internal that define our relationship. External factors can range from work pressure, peer pressure, addiction to gadgets to alcohol and substance abuse. Surprisingly, these issues can be resolved with timely intervention from a rehabilitation centre or a professional. But, what about the internal factors? Lack of understanding, love, compassion and respect can put an end to a relationship. If you want a relationship to cherish and withstand the test of time, then start by understanding yourself rather than expecting others to read your mind like a book! I want my relationship to be like this or these are the things I detest in a relationship-By clearing articulating your thoughts, you will be able to bridge the gap between expectations and reality. One of the leading causes for a relationship to fail is a massive gap between expectations and reality. So, if you want your partner to have certain traits like respecting elders, financial independence, equality of sexes etc then it’s prudent you too adhere to these tenets. Set realistic expectations for each other so that relationships cherish and grow in strength with each passing day. 

When we say cherish that itself means to nurture, to have warmth, to have understanding, over and above to be contented and to enjoy the feeling of being together. It has to be unconditional and with a Philosophy of forgive and forget. Anger and argument is basically the salt and pepper to enjoy the relationship, otherwise relationship feeling would be more of a dry and a dead one.
Hence if you want to turn your relationship into a happy one, then put in all the right ingredients, but as indicated do not add unnecessary conditions instead substitute conditions with understanding and see your relationship cherish!

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