Monday, March 17, 2014

The Bible for me

GS Ramesh


I have always felt that reaching out is the inertia within self, which creates high level of drive to do things differently.  “Honesty in Relationship” has been my Secret Mantra, because I felt that, the most important thing a person should be that He should be honest to himself. Well, if you are honest to yourself and love yourself the relationship blossoms.

How ………..
People – I took a decision to go underground, in different shifts and visit each and every working spot and meet the employees (Miners) and the pending applications which were piled up, I used to carry and settle on the spot, after discussing with the employees. This process gave me a better understanding of working style of Coal Mines and honestly all the Miners were so happy to meet me in their working spot. This also helped me to understand their working condition and their issues. This actually worked out to be a unique approach of empathizing them and the net result was “Trust was built”.

Process and Productivity – I prepared a ready reckoner hand book noting down all the important points, which covered all the decisions taken in the last 10 years along with the process sheet. This hand book finally became the Bible for me to equip myself for any situation. This is a typical example of “Knowledge is Power”

 The process was long. Virtually, I spent few weeks’ working day and night to understand the documents, and then the process, and also the people working. So, what I learnt in this journey as a HR professional were:
      Reach out – To empathize.
           Respond    – To provide solution
     Reassure    – To gain trust
                      “Be Environmentally Sensitive”
These are the HR Mantras which I understood thro’ the experiential learning, on site Management, which are not taught in books. Thus one should feel the essence of life and then only Drive within starts.

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